Co-Worker Charged in Bus Stop Shooting

Police say Randolph Sanders had stolen approximately $40,000 from agency, and called victim's phone to throw them off the case.


Kim Jones, left; Randoph Sanders’ mug shot, right.

[Update] Police Captain James Clark just spoke at a press conference about the charges. He said Sanders had taken approximately $40,000 from the agency — and that in a bid to throw investigators off track, Sanders even called Jones’ phone after he killed her to see if she was OK.

Sanders is being charged with murder (see the docket sheet here) along with several firearms charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 18th. Sanders’ mug shot is above.

[Original] Kim Jones’ killing in broad daylight at a North Philly bus stop last month shocked the community, but it was anything but random. Authorities now say she was targeted by a co-worker worried that she was about to report his malfeasance.

“Police say that the person in custody is co-worker, Randolph Sanders,” Fox 29 reports. “According to sources, Jones hired Sanders in 2012–they worked together at Turning Points for Children — an organization that provides family services. Sources say Sanders confessed his motive to police, saying he thought he was about to be fired because Jones found out he was allegedly misappropriating funds at Turning Point.”

“The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, January 13th at 12th and Jefferson Streets in North Philadelphia,” 6ABC adds. “Police say Jones was waiting for the Route 23 SEPTA bus. She had headphones in her ears and was listening gospel music at the time. That’s when, according to investigators, Sanders, dressed in a disguise, quietly walked up from behind and shot her in the back of the head.”

Chillingly, Sanders was one of Jones’ co-workers quoted as grieving her death in the flurry of stories that followed the murder.

“We’re all just stunned, just stunned, just stunned,” he told 6ABC on January 14th.

The news sent shock waves through Turning Points. “Through this entire investigation we worked closely with the Philadelphia Police Department and are relieved that they have found her killer,” CEO Mike Vogel said in a statement. “but devastated by the discovery.”