Kenyatta Johnson Proposes Pre-K Tax Break for Working Poor

His bill would give a wage tax credit to impoverished Philadelphians with kids in pre-K.

Johnson and a few of his high-powered supporters. Photo courtesy of Johnson's campaign.

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson at his reelection campaign kickoff. Photo courtesy of Johnson’s campaign.

If you’re a low-income Philadelphian with a kid in pre-K, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson wants to give you a tax break.

Johnson introduced legislation Thursday that would offer a wage and net profits tax credit to impoverished residents whose children are enrolled in early education programs, such as nursery school, child care or pre-K. The tax credit would be worth up to the full cost of pre-K paid for by a parent.

Who would be considered low-income? Johnson’s office says a married couple with two children would need to make less than $34,250 to qualify, while a single parent with two kids would need to make less than $27,750.

“The bill will make a difference for many low-income families in Philadelphia by making it more affordable for low-income families to send their kids to pre-school,” Johnson wrote on Facebook. “Early education leads to success and I hope this tax credit will make it more available for Philadelphia families.”

Ori Feibush, a local developer, is running against Johnson in the May 19th primary.