Matt O’Donnell Apologizes, Defends 6 ABC in Open Letter

"The bottom line: you just can't win," he writes.

In the aftermath of the snowstorm that wasn’t — at least in Philadelphia, which barely got enough snow to even mention — all of the local meteorologists are dealing with fallout from forecasts that were too liberal.

Of course, if they said, “We’re probably only going to get a few inches, but we could get a foot” and then we got two feet, everyone would still be piling on with rage and ridicule.

And that’s the point 6 ABC anchor Matt O’Donnell makes in an open letter on Facebook that sort of apologizes and sort of defends his station.

His colleague Cecily Tynan has weighed in on his letter, saying, “Very well written, Matt!” To viewers, she adds, “Thank you for all your support and sorry we let you down.”

Here is O’Donnell’s letter in full (click here if the Facebook post is not rendering: