Adam Joseph Reflects On His Time Off As a Stay-at-Home Dad

UPDATE: Yesterday I reported that Adam Joseph will be returning to work this week, after a two-month leave of absence to take care of his son Jacob. I gleaned the information from a discreet comment on Facebook that a coworker pointed out to me, but today Joseph has taken to his page to make the official announcement, and share his experience of being a stay at home dad, which he calls “the hardest job I have ever tackled in my life.”

ORINGIAL: It looks like 6ABC meteorologist Adam Joseph will be returning to his day job tomorrow, after taking a two-month leave of absence to take care of his adorable son Jacob. He confirmed rather inconspicuously via a fan inquiry on his Facebook page that asked if he’d be turning to work tomorrow. His answer: “Yup! Happy/sad day.”

Now that we know he’ll be back on TV, that just leaves one looming questions: Will he go on air sporting his natural grey that he showed us in a photo last month, or will he go back to black? Silver fox, black, we’ll take him either way—as long as he tells us we’re going to have an unusually early spring.

Welcome back, Mr. Joseph!