The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Governor-elect Tom Wolf didn't throw a party.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Tom Wolf at a Philadelphia campaign rally. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Last night the 116th annual dinner of the Pennsylvania Society — or, as the society’s website has it, The One Hundred Sixteenth Annual Dinner of The Pennsylvania Society — was held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, and we weren’t among the muckety-mucks meeting in Manhattan for cocktails and comestibles.

Generally, the Pennsylvania Society pisses us off — couldn’t they at least meet in Harrisburg, or Philly? — which is why we were delighted when governor-elect Tom Wolf announced that while he was attending the dinner, he wouldn’t be hosting a big-ass party at which cummerbunded power moguls could move and shake and suck up to one another, but instead would take the $20,000 such a gala would cost and donate it to four food banks.

This came hot on the heels of news that he won’t sock taxpayers with the costs of his transition into office, and that if members of his transition team want to get crunk at PA Society events that aren’t “open to everybody,” they’ll have to buy their booze themselves. We’ll drink to that.