11 Best Jimmy Rollins GIFs

With Jimmy Rollins' trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers pending, we celebrate his Phillies career with GIFs.

Although it’s not finalized yet, it seems Jimmy Rollins will soon be a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s good, in a sense, that the Phillies are plunging into a rebuild that will hopefully see them emerge a contender again. It’s also awful, because one of the best Phillies — a guy who has been here since the 2000 season — is leaving us.

Let’s remember J-Roll through the magic of the animated GIF 89a format.

Rollins walkoff

This was after Rollins’ walkoff double in the 2009 NLCS.

Rollins inside-the-parker

This is Rollins after an inside-the-park homer against the Marlins in 2007. This was so long ago this broadcast isn’t even in HD!

Rollins inside the parker

Jimmy Rollins hit four inside-the-park homers with the Phillies. The best one was in 2012, where Bryce Harper crashed into the wall.

Jimmy, second base

Here’s Jimmy reaching second base in a casual style.

Rollins nWo crotch chop

After Kevin Frandsen hit a walkoff homer to beat the Mets in 2013, Jimmy Rollins celebrated with some nWo crotch chops.

Rollins U Can't See Me

And speaking of pro wrestling, here’s Jimmy Rollins doing the John Cena “U Can’t See Me” gesture. Who knows? Rollins may fantasy book WWE matches in his spare time.

Jimmy and Dom Brown

Just Jimmy celebrating with Dom Brown.

Angry Jimmy

This is just angry Jimmy.

Rollins slide

Safe! What a slide.

Rollins F You

Last season, a fan was heckling Rollins all game. He hit a game-winning homer, and immediately turned to taunt the fan who had been heckling him. Amazing. My favorite regular season Rollins moment.

Jimmy pieface

After that, of course, Jimmy Rollins was hit in the face with a pie.

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