Dwight Evans Won’t Run for Mayor

After brief flirtation with campaigning, he'll stay put in Harrisburg.

We just received an email from State Rep. Dwight Evans’ political operation: He won’t be running for mayor.

“I have decided to remain as a state representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and will not run as a candidate for mayor for the city of Philadelphia.  I have met with Governor-elect Tom Wolf and my top priority for the next two years is helping the Wolf Administration change Pennsylvania in the right direction.  I believe remaining as a senior legislator in the House and working closely with the Wolf Administration will allow me to have more of an impact on the city and state.

I love the city of Philadelphia and gave serious consideration to running for mayor.  Philadelphia is a great city filled with so much promise and opportunity – yet there are so many serious issues that need to be addressed.  While there is no magic wand to fix these problems, we need a mayor who will promote  self-empowerment and provide the tools for every neighborhood to prosper block- by-block.

I look forward to being part of conversation about Philadelphia’s next mayor.  I hope that given my more 30 years’ experience in education reform and community economic development I will be able to influence the agenda for all of the candidates running for mayor. “

Evans ran for mayor in 1999 and 2007, losing both times. He had recently mulled making a third campaign.