Nutter Says He’s No Lame Duck

"You still are constantly working to get things done.”

Mayor Michael Nutter

Photo | Jeff Fusco

His big policy initiative — the sale of Philadelphia Gas Works — has just failed. His relationship with City Council and its leadership, never a public strength, appears to have hit a new low. And the public’s attention is increasingly focused on 2015’s election to replace him.

So is Mayor Mike Nutter a lame duck? You won’t be surprised to know he rejects the label. KYW reports the mayor’s comments on the topic:

“We have a lot of stuff to do. The term is the term, and it doesn’t come to an end for over a year. We have, I have, a lot things to do. We’re not in any way, shape or form slowing down. We’re actually speeding up.”

And Nutter adamantly rejects the label of ‘lame duck.’

“I never used that word with anyone,” said the mayor. “And I just think that its quite frankly inappropriate. When you dedicate your life to public you still are constantly working to get things done.”

The primary election is May 19th. The general election will be November 3rd.