Bleacher Report: Philly No. 3 Best Place to Be a Sports Fan

Tradition, fan passion are like nothing else in sports.


Bleacher Report says Philadelphia is the third-best city to be a sports fan in a slideshow that ranks everything from traditions to broadcasters to accumulated championships. The conclusion?

In Philly, being a sports nut is normal. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bar that doesn’t have some sporting event playing in the background, from dedicated sports cathedrals like Chickie’s and Pete’s to the smaller dive bars. If you were trying to watch a USMNT game at a bar during the 2014 World Cup, you had to get there early, because thousands of people were sharing a beer and an “I believe that we will win!” chant all across the city.

With the stadiums bunched together, reasonable prices to go to games, a subway system that has its own stop right at the stadiums and a solid tailgating scene, a Sunday in early September when both the Phillies and Eagles are playing becomes the biggest party on the East Coast.

That’s the good news. The bad? Yeah, they had to mention the whole Santa-Claus-and-snowballs thing.