Man Arrested in Omega Pizza Robbery

Police say a University of Pennsylvania police officer interrupted Gary Grant's attempt to rob another pizza place in West Philadelphia.


Two weeks ago, we showed you footage (and animated GIFs, see below) of a robbery at Omega Pizza at 22nd and South, where the robber tripped as he fled and spilled the stolen money on the ground near the exit.

Police say they’ve caught the clumsy robber. Cops yesterday announced the arrest of Gary Grant, accused of the Omega Pizza robbery and several others.

Police say a University of Pennsylvania police officer caught Grant while he was attempting to rob another pizza place, Colonial Pizza at 43rd and Pine streets. The officer interrupted the robbery and arrested Grant.

Grant is also accused of two other robberies besides the two pizza joints: A BP Gas Station in Southwest Philly and a 7-Eleven on North Delaware Avenue. He is 46, and from Darby.

Omega Pizza trip

Omega Pizza exit

[Philly PD]