Pileggi Faces Challenge for Pa. Senate Leadership

Critics say he doesn't press GOP agenda with enough fervor.

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Chester, might actually be in danger of losing the leadership position that he’s held since 2002.

The Pennsylvania Independent reports:

While Pileggi wants to keep the job, state Sen. Jake Corman, the Centre County Republican who chairs the appropriations committee, announced last week he would also seek the leadership post, providing an alternative for lawmakers looking for a new direction as Democratic Gov.-elect Tom Wolf readies to take office in January.

Corman did not return a message seeking comment, but his candidacy comes after Republicans increased their majority to 30 members in the Senate, with the more conservative flank of the party gaining a stronger voice along the way.

That could make it more difficult for Pileggi, part of a more moderate contingent of Republican lawmakers from the Philadelphia suburbs, to hold onto the post. He’ll try, though.

Last spring, our Patrick Kerkstra wrote a profile in Philly Mag, depicting Pileggi as “the grownup” among a bunch of childish politicians in Harrisburg. Maybe Harrisburg has finally tired of grown-ups? We’ll see soon enough.