Our First-Ever Good Comcast Headlines Roundup

Comcast Today: Hey, it happens.

We’ve seen a few complaints lately that we only print bad news about Comcast in these parts — and we kind of understand: Comcast is our hometown hero here in Philadelphia, but it’s also a big cable company and people don’t like their cable company, almost ever. So when we go searching for headlines about the company to relay to you, we often end up stuck with a series of stories that must give heartburn to Comcast execs.

We’ll take a day off from that today, and present you with the first-ever presentation of the Good Comcast Headlines Roundup!

Comcast Named Best Internet Service Provider in Three Treasure Coast Communities: The Hometown News has named Comcast as the “Best Internet Service Provider” in three different areas of the Treasure Coast in Florida. The “Readers’ Choice” honor was bestowed on Comcast by readers from the Hometown News editions in Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie and Sebastian. “We are tremendously honored to receive this distinction from Hometown News readers on the Treasure Coast,” said Amy Smith, Regional Senior Vice President of Comcast Florida. “Ensuring a good experience for our customers across all services throughout the entire state is our top priority.” (MarketWatch)

(We’ll just ignore this.)

Comcast, Foundations, Others Help Low-Income Families Connect To The Web: A coalition of public, private and business groups and agencies will gather Wednesday to connect 25 low-income families to the Internet. The families are receiving the service through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, which brings broadband to low-income households. The program is intended to help school-age families do research and homework, type book reports, e-mail teachers, enroll in online classes and tutoring, research and apply to colleges, do job searches and fill out job applications. (CBS  Detroit)

(Pay no attention to this.)

Unintended benefits of Comcast-Time Warner merger: Supported by numerous professional and watchdog interests, this merger stands to level and make available a playing field rarely even seen by many, including minority broadcast interests comprised of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women. These groups are notably and severely underserved as it relates to employment and network ownership. Production involvement and overall visibility of these groups are also arguable points. Yet the record of Comcast has proven that it is both aware of and responsive to the need to provide access and involvement for these groups. It begins with the creation of its Joint Diversity Advisory Council, which consists of four, nine-member diversity councils, each of which is comprised of representatives from the aforementioned groups. These councils are designed to oversee and execute strategies that encourage and make available opportunities for participation in the broadcast spectrum of Comcast. (The Detroit News)

(And let’s just wait another day before really contemplating this. We’ll see you tomorrow!)

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