Ex-Phillie Mitch Williams Suing MLB Network, Deadspin

Former Phillies closer Mitch Williams, fired from his job as an MLB Network analyst earlier this year, is suing both the network and the sports blog Deadspin.

Hey, what’s ol’ Mitchy-poo been up to? Oh, I see: He’s suing MLB Network and Deadspin stemming from a report Deadspin posted about Williams’ behavior at a youth tourney game this April.

Williams, the Daily News reports, is suing MLB Network for wrongful termination and defamation and Deadspin for defamation. After Deadspin posted its report — which included allegations of foul language by Williams and photos of him chest-to-chest with an ump at an under-10 tournament in New Jersey — Williams admitted being ejected from the game, but claimed it was the ump who was the problem.

He apologized the next day, as ordered to by his MLB Network bosses. But another report said Williams called a kid a pussy and ordered a beanball. Williams took another leave of absence and was subsequently fired.

The suit denies the name-calling the beanball-ordering and says Williams has evidence to contradict Deadspin’s report. It also contends MLB Network ordered Williams to sign a paper saying he wouldn’t attend the baseball games of any of his children. It’s not clear if Williams would have been allowed to attend other sports; in 2008, he was banned from his daughter’s basketball games after cursing at a female official.

“We can confirm that Mitch Williams is no longer an MLB Network analyst,” a spokesman for MLB Network told the Daily News. “We believe that the behavior he demonstrated at the youth baseball tournament speaks for itself.”