$1M Winning Lottery Ticket Bought in Downtown Philadelphia Expires Today

A lottery ticket worth a million dollars sold at 18th and Chestnut a year ago today. It remains unclaimed, and expires today.

A winning lottery ticket worth $1 million was sold in Center City exactly a year ago. It expires today, and remains unclaimed.

The ticket was purchased at Loges Newsstand at 18th and Chestnut in Rittenhouse Square (or Old City West). “I ask all the regular customers and talk to everybody,” owner Babir Singh told Fox 29, “but I don’t know, nobody claimed yet.”

But Singh and Loges might be out of luck: The seller of a $1 million winner gets $10,000 — but if the ticket isn’t claimed, the seller might not be able to collect all the money.

If your Powerball ticket from September 18th of last year matched the first five numbers of 7, 10, 22, 32, and 35 but not the Powerball of 19, you should turn it in today or forfeit a million bucks.

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