Donald Trump May Rescue the Trump Casinos in Atlantic City

Apparently, not everyone thinks A.C. is a bad bet.

It has been years since Donald Trump was actively involved with the Atlantic City casinos that bear his name. He resigned as chairman of the casinos in 2009 and recently sued to get “Trump” off of their decrepit, dying shells. But now, with Trump Plaza closing in a week and the Trump Taj Mahal not far behind, it looks like the controversial tycoon may be ready to dust them off and make another go of it.

“A lot of people don’t think that he made money in Atlantic City,” says one source close to Trump who asked to remain anonymous. “They say, ‘Donald Trump went bankrupt in Atlantic City.’ But the truth is that he made a ton of money there.”

Reached at Trump headquarters in New York City, Michael Cohen, Trump Organization Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald Trump, confirmed that Trump is considering returning to the Boardwalk in full force.

“I can confirm that Mr. Trump is looking at Trump Entertainment Resorts in Atlantic City,” says Cohen. “But he’s doing so cautiously.”

As well he should.

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