Principal, Teachers Held for Trial in Cheating Case

Hunting Park educators accused of undermining standardized tests.

A former principal and three teachers at Hunting Park’s Cayuga Elementary School will face trial on charges they helped students cheat on standardized tests.

CBS Philly reports:

During the daylong preliminary hearing, staffers at Cayuga Elementary School testified that principal Evelyn Cortez pressured teachers to give students answers to the state PSSA exams, changed completed test booklets, and reprimanded teachers who wouldn’t cheat. Michael Coard, attorney for teacher Ary Sloane, says the state’s case against his client isn’t strong enough.

“What we don’t have is a crime. This is a personnel issue, not a courtroom issue,” Coard said.

Lorraine Vicente and Jennifer Hughes are also defendants in the case.

Though charges have been brought against a few educators, the cheating scandal is believed to be much more widespread — spanning 2009 to 2011, involving 138 educators at 27 schools in the district.

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