Drudge Commenters Disapprove of Philly’s New Spanish-Immersion Preschool

Al Día story takes the brunt of the criticism.

When Philly’s Al Día newspaper ran a story about Philly’s first Spanish-immersion preschool, the paper got something unexpected: A Drudge Report link.

The reaction wasn’t positive:

Al Día took the brunt of the comments, according to a new report from the paper:

Thanks to a link by Drudge Report, a short posting about “Mi Casita”, a Spanish immersion preschool, prompted over 700 comments that range from “WE WERE DISCOVERED BY THE ENGLISH AND THAT IS THE NATIVE TONGUE THEY SPOKE WHY DO WE CATER TO THESE ILLEGALS AND THEIR REFUSAL TO LEARN ENGLISH?” to “This is AMERICA ! ENGLISH ONLY in all schools and governments. DEPORT or EXECUTE ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS.”

Al Día’s Ana Gamboa noted: “Strangely enough the article has no immigration content. The program is not intended for Latinos or students of a specific background. According to Melissa Page, founder of the preschool, “Mi Casita” is a privately funded project to develop children into multicultural students.”