Bronson Pinchot Runs Up Debt, Lawsuits in Susquehanna County

Former sitcom star has run into money troubles.

Remember Bronson Pinchot? The guy who used to play Cousin Balki on Perfect Strangers? He’s not doing the Dance of Joy these days:

Why? Because he’s running up debt and lawsuits in Susquehanna County, where he’s been buying and restoring homes for a decade.The Citizens Voice in Luzerne County reports:

The man famous for playing Balki Bartokomous for seven seasons on the ABC sitcom “Perfect Strangers” has left a trail of bad debts, property a wrought-iron fence away from being seized by creditors, and late sewer bills for multiple properties.

Multiple cases that popped up in the Susquehanna Court of Common Pleas suggest he’s become a perfect stranger to creditors who have been unable to find him to personally serve him summons and citations about legal actions to collect those debts. Several of those legal actions have been withdrawn. While the reasons legal actions and collections are withdrawn are rarely explained in court documents, Pinchot said he had taken care the debts and is working with banks to save the four historic homes he restored. He said he’s not leaving Harford.

In an email exchange with the paper, Pinchot refused to say where he’d been, but did say he’d been caught off guard by the cancellation of his DIY Network home remodeling show, The Bronson Pinchot Project. Pinchot has been sued or faced liens totaling well over $200,000 for unpaid debts in recent years.

“I have two skills: I can make old houses beautiful and I can make people laugh,” Pinchot said. “The two skills are really one: I make sad people happy and sad structures come to life,” he said. “Other than that, I’m a waste of space. Well, I’m a dedicated son and brother but I have no head for businesses or the sort of diplomacy that might have created a cheerleading squad in a tiny town.”

Is this the end for Pinchot, then? Don’t be ridiculous.