Superintendent Stands Up for New Jersey Trans Teen Who Was Told She Had to Enroll in School as a Boy

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Yesterday I told you about Rachel Pepe, the 13-year-old transitioning transgender student who was told she would not be able to enroll at Thorne Middle School as female. In a shameful turn of events, the school told her that she would have to dress as and answer to her birth name, Brian.

Thankfully the school district’s superintendent, William O. George, is stepping in to make the transition easier for Pepe. Yesterday evening he announced that he would work with staff to ensure she could attend school as Rachel, and do what he could to create a safe environment for her. This includes having the staff undergo LGBT sensitivity training.

“We applaud Superintendent George for taking the right steps to affirm the health and safety of students,” says Garden State Equality Executive Director Andrea Bowen, who, as we mentioned before, is the first transgender person to head up a statewide organization for LGBT civil rights. “This is a victory for transgender students everywhere. This Middletown student and students like her are heroes for standing up for their needs. We’re excited that the community came together in dialogue to bring this situation to a happy resolution.”

We’re so happy for Rachel. Congratulations on your victory, and for standing up for trans kids and setting important precedents. And kudos, Superintendent George. Awesome move.

Source: Huffington Post