Union Head: SEPTA Strike Is Likely

Willie Brown: "We're prepared for a lengthy strike."

You might’ve missed this over the weekend. Though its contract expired months ago, the Transit Workers Union that represents most SEPTA workers appears ready to strike and shut down the system.

The Inquirer reported Sunday:

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 bus drivers, subway operators, mechanics, and cashiers represented by TWU Local 234 are working under terms of a contract that expired March 15.

They could walk out at any time, once a strike-authorization vote is taken. That vote is likely “in the very near future,” said TWU president Willie Brown, who predicted that a strike was all but certain.

“Please understand that there is going to be a strike,” Brown said. “I’m still trying to avoid it, but it is almost a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’ “

“We’re prepared for a lengthy strike,” he said.

Better get your walking shoes and car-poolin’ plans ready, then.