Husband Arrested in Pennypack Park Murder

Christopher Murray confessed to killing his wife, police say.

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It wasn’t a stranger who killed Connie Murray and left her body to be found at Pennypack Park last week, police say. Her husband, Christopher, has confessed to the crime and has been charged with murder.

Fox 29:

Police said Christopher Murray broke down and confessed to the crime after he failed a lie detector test.

He was arrested just after 8 Sunday morning.

Police told us earlier this week Christopher filed a missing persons report and went looking for his wife with one of his daughters.

“There were certain parts of his story that just didn’t add up. Didn’t seem, his story about his wife was missing but contacted nobody, no friends, no family to find out if she was with them. Instead immediately went to hospitals and went to the police station seemed almost a show,” Lt. Philip Riehl said.

A tiny upside: Area residents don’t have to worry that a predator is on the loose. “Obviously, there is no celebration in this case. But perhaps the people that play and exercise in Pennypack Park can have a sigh of relief that there is not a predator lurking in the area,” Riehl told 6ABC.

The pair has two daughters, 12 and 15.