WATCH: Philly Students Challenge LeBron to Dunk Contest Against Teacher

P.E. teacher Hans Muller has hops.

So there’s this:

CBS Philly reports:

Hans Muller, 29, is a physical education teacher from Upper Moreland, Pa. The West Chester University grad is in his fifth year teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth at Julia Ward Howe Elementary School.

“Their [the students] favorite thing is to see me dunk,” Muller told “Sometimes I reward the class and dunk for them, and they pick a dunk they want me to try. They started asking, ‘Are you better than LeBron?’ They know LeBron is my favorite player, and I played along, ‘Of course I’m better.’”

It was his young students who came up with the idea to challenge LeBron to a dunk contest at their school.

The sad thing? That these Philly students couldn’t think of a Sixer to challenge to a dunk contest. (Then again, Muller might’ve been too overpowering for them.) No word from LeBron’s camp if he’ll accept the challenge.