Pa. Ranks Second in Teacher Sex Crimes

Texas was No. 1.

This is a list we’d rather not make: AP reports that Pennsylvania ranks second in the nation in the number of teacher sex crimes.

Second only to Texas, Pennsylvania and California each logged at least 24 cases of teacher sex crimes this year, according to news reports tracked by Terry Abbott, chairman of Houston-based Drive West Communications.

Nationally, “we’ve followed 416 (sex abuse) cases just since January,” Abbott said. “It’s an enormous problem all across the country, and Pennsylvania’s at the top of it. This isn’t a list you want to lead.”

At least 233 teachers have lost their licenses since 2009 because of criminal convictions, most related to sexual misconduct, child pornography and assault.

Despite all those mugshots of late-20s early-30s women you see in the media for having slept with students, statistics suggest that the most common offenders are men between ages 40 and 50. What they all have in common? They are skeevey and gross.