Pa. Children’s Home Will Take Immigrant Children

Does so despite Gov. Corbett's concerns.

Just days after Gov. Corbett openly wondered if the influx of immigrant children might bring disease to Pennsylvania, another institution has agreed to house some of the kids coming north from Central America.

ABC 27 reports the United Methodist Home for Children in Lower Allen Township will take an unspecified number of children to care for while they await proceedings o determine if they can stay or not.

In a statement, the school’s president and CEO David Reed said:

“We understand the issue of immigration has raised many questions nationally. However, in staying true to the Home’s history and mission, we are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for any children who, through no fault of their own, are in desperate need of help while explorations are being made for their future.”

The Holy Family Institute, run by the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, is taking in a number of children temporarily, in order to place them with family in the United States. And there’s been some talk of creating a new immigration center in Hazelton to help handle the influx of children.

The Methodist home should receive new immigrants by late August.