Put Down That Razor: 5 Reasons to Get Your Butt Waxed

Billy Cavallo and Ashley Piotrowski

Model Billy Cavallo and The Bronzed Bee owner Ashley Piotrowski

First of all, let me state for the record that I am not saying you have to wax or laser your butt. If you’re the au naturel kind of gay, then bully for you. (Lord knows a razor or wax strip has never come near my nether regions.) However, if you like your bum smooth, then pay close attention.

Women have been going hairless with a service called a “Full Brazilian” for years, and now many salons and spas are putting a manly spin on the service by calling it “the Bro’zilian” or “the Man’zilian.” (There’s even a salon in Las Vegas that calls it the “Sac N Crack.”) Whether you’re prepping for a visit to Poodle Beach in Rehoboth, an afternoon at North Shore Beach Club, or just, you know, because it’s Wednesday, I’m here to tell you shaving may not be your friend. It’s time to bring your Man’zilian into the 21st century.

I reached out to experts all over the region who do the Man’zilian. The overwhelming response was that waxing or laser hair removal is head over heels better than shaving. Here are a few of their reasons:

Reason No. 1 : For That Barely There Peach-Fuzz Look

“If you get waxed frequently—especially in the case of a Man’zillian—hair will grow back less and less, and softer.” —Ashley Piotrowski of The Bronzed Bee

Reason No. 2: It’s Time-Saving

[Laser hair removal] can eliminate the need for daily maintenance—especially when getting ready for that special date or not having to worry about it on vacation.” —Colleen Gurovich of Mullica Hill Skincare (which, full-disclosure, is a client of mine)

 Reason No. 3: No More Smelly Hair-Removal Creams

“I prefer waxing over chemical hair removal formulas that are toxic, and could easily sensitize and damage very tender skin. Additionally, the odor is unpleasant and can persist for days.” —Penny Ordway, Eviama Life Spa

Reason No. 4: No More Bumps On Your Butt or Irritating Itchiness

“Laser hair removal eliminates all the bad stuff: itchiness, razor stubble, painful ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.”  —Ledia Leka, medical aesthetician at Rumer Cosmetics

Reason No. 5:  No More 5 O’Clock Shadow

“With shaving, you tend to get a five o’clock shadow well before five o’clock. Because waxing removes hair at the root, there is no shadow since the hair is not under the skin.” —Suede Salon Spa