Report: PA Bridges Are “Deficient”

So says the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The American Society of Civil Engineers says Pennyslvania has the highest percentage of deficient bridges in the nation.

Overall, the ASCE report didn’t offer very good reviews of the state’s infrastructure, reports Philadelphia Business Journal:

Pennsylvania’s seven transportation and water systems received “D,” or poor, grades — some of the worst of any other state in the country.

Pennsylvania’s roads fared no better. In 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation rated 44 percent of the state’s roads fair or poor. ASCE said if this trend continues, more than half of Pennsylvania’s roadways would be rated fair or poor by next year.

The Pennsylvania legislature is starting to recognize these pivots, and take action. Last November, the state passed Transportation Funding Bill Act 89, a comprehensive plan that increases Pennsylvania motorists’ vehicle fees. The plan will garner and spend $2.3 billion throughout a five-year period to start improving Pennsylvania’s bridges, roads and public transportation.

“Infrastructure is aging and it needs attention,” one official told the Journal. “The more we keep passing it off to the next guy, is going to make it that much harder to address in the future.”