Nun Assaulted in Port Richmond

The nun was in her habit at the time of the attack and theft of a 2009 silver Chevy Malibu.

A man on Sunday assaulted a nun in Port Richmond, before driving away in a car.

The nun, 65, was in the passenger seat of a friend’s car — which was left running while the friend was in a Shop Rite. A man jumped in the door and a struggled for the keys ensued, upon which the man began repeatedly punching the nun in the face. To make this even worse, she was wearing her habit at the time.

The nun-puncher kicked her out of the car and drove off in a 2009 four-door silver Chevy Malibu. “Dedicated her life to that mission to be assaulted in such a way is just completely disgraceful,” Philadelphia police Lt. John Stanford said. “It really is.”

Contact police if you have any information about the crime.

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