Off Cape May, You’ll Need a Bigger Boat

Great white shark spotted near World War II shipwreck.

OK, this is kind of scary. Fishermen encountered an apparent great white shark off the coast of Cape May, near a World War II shipwreck known as 28-Mile Wreck.

NBC 10 reports on fisherman Steve Clark’s sighting:

“He is gorgeous or she. It could be a she. Watch out. He could come out. Get back. Get back. You guys are nuts,” said a voice on a YouTube video. “Don’t get close. It will come up. It will come after us.”

Clark’s team of fisherman spotted the 16-foot great white shark swimming around their 35-foot-boat, the 35 Everglades.

The shark swam around the vessel for about 20 minutes before ripping a chum basket of fish right from the side of the boat. Members of the crew took photos and videos as the shark swam nearby

Great whites have been on the increase since 2000 thanks to conservation efforts.