“Homosexual Activist Brian Sims is Wrong About HB300”

brian sims enda

Did that headline surprise you? It did me, too, when I read it this morning — except the one I read didn’t have quotes around it.

The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFAP) released a spattering of ridiculous, outright offensive lies yesterday following a press conference on HB300 attended by Brian Sims. In the post, AFAP references a video from the event that shows the Philly State Representative fired up over Daryl Metcalfe’s work to stall Pennsylvania’s LGBT anti-discrimination bill. In it he mentions the very true fact that the bill has more support — on both sides of the fence — than any other piece of legislation that he’s voted for as a member of the House. Well AFAP has fired back, saying that he’s wrong and that “all do not support HB300.” Then it lays out a few ridiculous bullet points reminding people what the passage of HB300 would “really do to Pennsylvania business owners”:

  • Bakers, florists, photographers with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is only between one man and one woman and refuse to participate in a same-sex “wedding” through baking a cake, providing flowers or taking pictures will be forced to close or fined and required to undergo sensitivity training.
  • Businesses responding to complaints from female customers who are uncomfortable with men in their restrooms and ask those causing the problems — transgender customers — to take their business elsewhere will be hauled before a Human Rights Commission and fined for discrimination.
  • Christian businesses will be forced to celebrate ‘gay pride’ by producing gay pride memorabilia.
  • YMCAs and local pools will be required to permit sexually confused individuals to use the shower and locker facilities they are most comfortable using.

It’s almost maddening—especially the horrific comments about the transgender community—but then you just feel sorry for them for being so ignorant. I pity the people who read this and actually think it’s true.