Woman’s Bobcat Escapes for Third Time

A New Jersey woman's bobcat had previously escaped for 10 days earlier this year. This time, it was captured in about an hour.

A New Jersey woman was cited once again after her bobcat escaped for the third time, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Yeah, you know that friend in grade school who told you about his uncle’s neighbor who owned a wolf? This woman actually owns a bobcat.

Ginny Fine, of Stafford Township, will appear in court next Friday. The bobcat, named Rocky, was missing for about an hour.

Rocky went missing for 10 days earlier this year; in March, the bobcat was taken from Fine and placed in the Popcorn Park Zoo. Weeks ago, a municipal court judge ruled blood tests didn’t conclusively show the cat was purebred or a hybrid. Fine got the pet back after building a secure cage for it.

Fine said her son left the door open, allowing Rocky to escape.

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