Nutter Wants All of Sixers to Stay in Philly

No home trips to Camden.

Mayor Nutter is not willing to see the Sixers broken up over several cities and states: He wants them all right here. reports:

The Sixers have been looking for a location to build their new practice facility, and if recent reports are true, that search might land them in Camden.

An outcome that Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is not happy about.

“(Philadelphia) is the best sports town in the U.S.A., the fourth-largest media market in the country, this is the Philadelphia 76ers we’re talking about – Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Allen Iverson,” Nutter said to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “This is a Philly team – so I think fans, frankly, would be very insulted at any idea that part of the team would be outside the City of Philadelphia.”

Over at CSNPhilly, John Gonzalez looks at recent NBA franchise sales to determine how the Sixers might see, if they were on the market again. The answer? A cool $469 million.


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