Coryell Takes Carpenters Union Case Directly to Governor

Union wants to return to work at Convention Center.

The Inquirer reports that Ed Coryell, seeking readmission of the Carpenters Union to work at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, has written a letter to Gov. Corbett. The union has been locked out since it was late meeting a deadline earlier this month to agree to new work rules at the center.

Coryell, who leads the local chapter of the Carpenters union, says his union signed on to the agreement in time.

The letter, signed by Edward Coryell, who heads Local 8 of the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters, repeated the argument that his union did sign the agreement by May 10, when its contract extensions expired.

Coryell’s letter said that the signed agreement was hand-delivered May 9 but that convention center chief executive John McNichol declined to accept it.

Since then, two show managers who have produced conventions at the center, said efficiencies have improved with the work being handled by four unions instead of six.

The letter suggests that, because all six unions have signed, all should be allowed to work.

No word on if Corbett will respond, but the incumbent governor is reportedly angling for labor endorsements during this year’s election.