NYT on Margolies: Where Are The Clintons?

Chelsea's mother-in-law can't get help in her race for Congress.

The New York Times examines Marjorie Margolies’ candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the district being vacated by Allyson Schwartz, and asks: Where are the Clintons? After all, Margolies is Chelsea’s mother in law, and the two families have political connections going back long before that.

But being a Clinton in-law has proved to be a double-edged sword. Mr. Clinton endorsed Ms. Margolies at a fund-raiser he headlined last month, his first and only event for Ms. Margolies since she entered the race a year ago. Her son, her daughter-in-law and Mrs. Clinton have yet to join the campaign.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘Gee whiz, where are the Clintons?’ ” said one prominent Pennsylvania Democrat who did not want to be quoted by name in discussing the family’s dynamics.

The Clintons’ relative silence has prompted awkward speculation in Philadelphia that Mrs. Clinton does not want to be burdened by Ms. Margolies’s baggage in a state that could be pivotal to her chances in the 2016 presidential campaign, should she decide to run.

Ouch. Sandy Hington detailed Margolies’ long political journey for Philly Mag back in 2010.