Comcast May Offer EA Games Through X1 Cable Box

Yes, that means you'll be able to play Madden.

PC Mag reports that Comcast is about to make its X1 cable box much, much sexier:

According to a number of sources, Comcast is allegedly working out a deal with Electronic Arts to bring the developer’s games to the X1 box. The thought, reports Reuters, is that purchasing games using Comcast’s cable box would be as easy as buying a pay-per-view movie on the system. The actual games to be offered have yet to be finalized, but it’s expected that some of the bigger-named titles from EA’s portfolio would be included — Madden, FIFA, and the lot.

Electronic Arts will allegedly start by offering casual and family-themed games before moving on to other categories, depending on user preferences.

Of course, if you have an X1 box, you may notice it includes no game controllers. Not to worry: Rumor has it you’ll be able to play the games using apps on your smartphone and tablets like the iPad.