Christie Flies on Taxpayer Dime Every Three Days

Trips on helicopter cost the state $2,500 an hour.

BloombergBusinessweek reports: “New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is relying on the state-owned helicopter fleet more than ever, with 106 trips last year at a cost of $2,500 an hour. Flight logs for Christie, a 51-year-old Republican, were released to Bloomberg as a result of a New Jersey Open Public Records Act request. Christie has stepped up his air time even as he imposes municipal budget constraints and insists that public workers must pay higher costs for pensions and benefits.”

Indeed, reports: “Faced with an $807 million state budget shortfall, Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday he is open to delaying or reducing key payments meant to shore up New Jersey’s troubled pension system for public workers.  Those words once were unthinkable coming from the Republican governor, whose work with state Democrats to overhaul the pension system — currently $52 billion in debt — is considered one of his biggest accomplishments in Trenton.”