Prep School Drug Ring Busted in Montco

Read this story quick before Hollywood makes it into a movie!

This story just moved into the lead for our favorite of 2015.

CBS Philly:

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pa. say they’ve taken down an intricate drug distribution network that targeted students at high schools and colleges throughout the Main Line and was being run by two graduates of a prestigious private school.

Prosecutors say the criminal enterprise was known as the “Main Line Takeover Project,” and they say the ringleaders had eyes on becoming the major marijuana distributors in the area.

They’ve been popped-collared!

The Morning Call adds: 

The ringleaders of the drug ring calling themselves the “Main Line Takeover Project” were identified as Neil Scott, 25, of Haverford, and Timothy Brooks, 18, of Villanova, who both face charges of possession with intent to deliver, corrupt organizations, possession of drugs and conspiracy charges. According to court records, Scott is in Montgomery County Prison under $1 million bail.

Ferman said their goal was to take over the drug trade and create a monopoly to area high school and college students. In addition to Lafayette College, investigators said the schools included Lower Merion High School, The Haverford School, Harrington High School, Conestoga High School, Radnor High School and Gettysburg and Haverford colleges.

So we give Hollywood 24 hours before it comes calling on this story. Prep school kids running a drug ring? They won’t be able to stop themselves. To aid the process, we offer our  top titles for the Movie/TV show that is surely coming.

Breaking Chad

Sons of Monarchy

Orange is the New Black, Bro Edition


C’mon folks. What else can we come up with?