Howard Gensler Has Just About Had Enough of Your Bullcrap Whining, Already

Chelsea Clinton column lands him in trouble with readers.

We know Howard Gensler. We like Howard Gensler. We have occasionally complained about Howard Gensler, only to have him remind us of it two years later, after we’d long forgotten what we’d said. So. Maybe this isn’t a surprise.

This, starting here:


What’s going on? Well, Howard took a bit of a beating last week over the web headline for his column announcing Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy: “Mezvinsky: I did have sex with that woman. Chelsea Clinton pregnant.” Which maybe is a bit of a stretch for a joke, but we get it. Some of Howard’s readers, however, were offended, and Howard, it seems, is exasperated. Snarky celebrity gossip means being snarky about celebrities sometimes.

And snarking back at non-celebrities, it seems.

Later in the day on Twitter, Andrea in Texas tweeted: “I don’t think @DNTattle should lose his job. But he should personally apologize to literally everyone on earth, in alphabetical order.”

Katie tweeted: “I think I may have popped blood vessels in my eyeballs reading @DNTattle’s disgusting headline.”

Lose my job? “Popped blood vessels”? “Disgusting”?

Is there no longer any emotion between “That’s not funny” and torches and pitchforks? Whatever happened to commensurate response?

Nope. No there isn’t.