PA Expected to Ban Underage Tanning

Thus, ensuring a generation of super-pasty prom-goers.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, this is what the state’s prom-goers are going to look like this year:


What’s going on?

House Bill 1259 as amended by the Senate would prohibit teens 16 and under from using tanning beds and booths, and require parental consent for 17-year-olds.

The legislation would also require operator training, salons to post warnings about the dangers and new customers to sign written warning forms, in addition to other regulations.

The bill, which made it to the Senate floor last month and is now before the Senate Appropriations Committee, has support from local senators.

Sure, fake-baking is kind of obvious — and if done too much, really gross. But does Pennsylvania really want its high schools to be among the nation’s pastiest? And why the hell can our legislature ban tanning beds but not lift a finger regarding guns? All we know is: They’ll take the spray tan can out of our cold, dead hands. (