Get Everything Real Good, Honey:
Divine’s 5 Best Movie Moments

i am divine dvd

I Am Divine, the touching, often zany documentary that profiles the life of performer/drag extraordinaire/cult icon and all-around filthiest person alive Divine (aka Harris Glenn Milstead), played to sold-out audiences at last year’s QFest.  So, to celebrate the film’s DVD release we’re honoring the B-movie queen by highlighting her Top 5 best onscreen moments. If you don’t agree with our choices, to paraphrase the words of Divine character Babs Johnson, you’ll stand convicted of assholism!

You Think You’re a Man” (1984): Okay, so this really isn’t a movie, but how could we leave out Divine’s extremely campy, but popular, disco career? In this music video, we get to see her shamelessly gyrating in a (extremely) tight dress with some oh-so-’80s go-go boys, complete with handlebar mustaches.  So what if she lip-syncs? Britney does the same thing (insert shade!)

Could you turn that racket down? I’m tryin’ to iron in here!Hairspray (1988): Who could forget Edna Turnblad, the big, brassy, homely housewife from Baltimore? Some might argue this is Divine’s most well-known role, and it was the first time her acting work was nominated for an honor — an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male Actor.

Get everything real good, honey!Pink Flamingos (1972): How do you prove that you’re the filthiest person in the world?  You break into your archenemy’s house and cover it with saliva…REAL GOOD!  Both Divine and her movie son, Crackers, do just that in this clip from the overwhelmingly strange Pink Flamingos.  How does Divine repay her son for his assistance?  A blow job, of course

I better get them cha-cha heels!Female Trouble (1974): You do not mess with Dawn Davenport, especially during the holidays when all she wants is a pair of cha-cha heels! I mean, can we really blame Dawn for destroying her parents’ Christmas tree and throwing a tantrum? Also, can we talk about that perfect beehive hairdo and the mint-green pajama set that she’s rocking?

Kill Everyone Now!Pink Flamingos (1972): Yes, we’ve already mentioned this low-budget, utterly disgusting film, but it is a classic, not to mention that in this scene, we get to see Divine in her signature red dress. Any person whose political belief system includes the manifesto “Eat shit!” is my kind of girl! Can we say “Divine: 2016”?