Maybe Chris Christie’s Declaration of Vindication Was Premature

Feds have called a grand jury to probe Bridgegate.

Remember Chris Christie’s lawyers absolved him of all culpability in the Bridgegate scandal, and he went on a triumphant media tour that included a big interview with Diane Sawyer? Like, two weeks go?

He maybe should’ve waited. reports that news a federal grand jury is probing the scandal shows it won’t go away soon. “The grand-jury testimony is considered a major development in the bridge controversy. What began as a preliminary inquiry when U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced in January that he would try to determine whether any federal laws have been “implicated,” has now morphed into a deepening criminal probe to decide whether federal laws have been broken.”

That would spoil Christie’s renewed attempts at the presidency, of course.

“Not only can Chris Christie not win (the nomination), I think he may have trouble finishing out his term,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, said Tuesday at Rider University. “So I think he’s not a factor.”

Indeed, Jersey voters are skeptical, with just 28 percent believing the governor has come clean about the scandal. Other than