“Mosquito” Wards Off Loitering Philly Teens

To combat waves of annoying adolescents, something even more annoying.

CBS Philly reports on how city parks officials are using technology to ward off loitering teens:

When city-run playgrounds and recreation centers want to put up the ‘keep out’ sign during the off-hours, they are turning to an electronic device known as ‘The Mosquito’ to shoo potential young vandals away.

The president of Moving Sound Technologies, Michael Gibson says each small speaker emits a high-frequency tone, said to be harmless, but highly irritating to teenagers and young adults. “They find it extremely annoying and will leave an area within a couple of minutes.”

Councilman Brian O’Neill says, “That happens to be the age group that we want to keep out of our playgrounds when they’re closed at night, when a lot of vandalism happens and destructive behavior goes on.”

When you get older, apparently, your ability to hear the noise goes away. In any case, we’ve come up with a cheaper way of annoying teens and keeping them out of the park: