Great Adventure Debuting World’s Tallest Drop Ride: Zumanjaro, Drop of Doom

We suggest leaving the hot dogs and cotton candy until after you ride.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get strapped into a seat, pulled up to the top of the PECO building, and then dropped to the ground below, we give you Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, debuting at New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure this summer.

At 415 feet, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is actually taller than the PECO building, which stands at 384 feet. The “world’s tallest drop ride,” as Zumanjaro is being billed, will launch on Memorial Day weekend.

Some of you may remember Great Adventure’s old school drop ride, Freefall. The drop on Freefall was a paltry-by-comparison 130 feet.

Here’s a teaser video of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom to get your adrenaline pumping.