Out Wired 96.5 Host DJ Casey Resigns After 9 Years

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Out and proud Wired 96.5 DJ Casey Reed announced via Twitter yesterday that she will be leaving her job as Midday host after nine years.

After the news broke we caught up with Reed — a Philly native, Temple grad and outspoken activist for LGBT rights — to find out where she’s going from here.

G Philly: How does it feel to be leaving Wired?
Casey Reed: I feel really good about it. After nine years, I can’t wait for a wicked long vacation.

GP: How did you know it was time to go?
CR: I hit a glass ceiling at Wired, and that’s not good for me — especially when I know I have more to do. I have a few things in the works that I’m really excited about. I just heard back about a few wonderful TV oppurtunities.

GP: How have you grown in the past decade working for Wired?
CR: I’ve grown personally and professionally in the past decade in that I know how to handle the politics. Radio’s not just an on-air gig. It’s a labyrnith of business decisions, and experience is what allows you to handle that and better position yourself.

GP: You’ve always been such a proponent of LGBT rights on the air. Have anything you’d like to say to your listeners?
CR: My fans are incredible, especially the LGBT community. I’m so honored to represent them and I hope to do much more of that in the near future.