Daryl Metcalfe Wants to Make English PA’s Official Language

Doesn't want government printing forms in any language but English.

Daryl Metcalfe is being all Daryl Metcalfey again.

Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Majority Chairman, Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), today introduced legislation to establish English as the official language of Pennsylvania (House Bill 2132).

“Time and time again, history has demonstrated that the English language is one of the strongest and most fundamental ties uniting all American citizens,” said Metcalfe. “Pennsylvania taxpayers simply cannot afford, and should not continue to be required, to foot the bill for government translating and printing infinite amounts of forms, documents and publications in many languages other than English.”

While absolutely no one would be restricted from learning or conversing in a foreign language under House Bill 2132, Metcalfe’s legislation would require all official acts of state and local governments, including the printing of government documents, to be communicated in English. House Bill 2132 would also prohibit any level of government from enacting a preference, or the appropriation of taxpayer funding, for any language other than English with the following exceptions:

• Promotion of international commerce and tourism.
• When public health, safety and justice requires usage of another language.
• Instruction in foreign language courses or for English as a second language for students.

Oh, thank God. Rep. Metcalfe isn’t going to prohibit our children from learning Spanish. He’ll also let us try to attract Mexican tourists in order to take their money. And … well, actually, the exceptions here are pretty wide. “When public health, safety and justice” could probably cover 99 percent of all forms state and local governments do print. What’s left? The menu in the Pennyslvania State Capitol restaurant? By jingo! Pennsylvanians will order their cheesecake desert in English or not at all!

Metcalfe predicts the bill will save Pennsylvania millions of dollars in printing costs. Given that “health, safety, and justice,” loophole, though, we’re pretty sure it won’t. He’s welcome to prove us wrong, though.