Charged Driver: I Was Drinking at Iverson’s Birthday Party

While we think every day should be like AI's birthday, this excuse strains credulity.

This is an all-timer excuse. A 24-year-old Philadelphian was pulled over after police saw him swerving in Lower Merion, according to Mainline Media News.

According to police, the man was seen speeding as he was driving without the use of headlights as he traveled south on City Avenue. The police officer followed behind the car and reported that the driver was crossing over the traffic lines.

Following the traffic stop, the driver showed the officer a paper learner’s permit. The man then told the officer that he was drinking at Allen Iverson’s birthday party.

Iverson’s birthday is June 7, so who knows where this guy actually was. Or maybe Allen Iverson just throws birthday parties any time of the year.

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