A Guy You Know Nothing About Is Leading the Gubernatorial Race…By a Lot

Money: Buying him love.

A gentleman many of you know little or nothing about, Mr. Tom Wolf, is leading the race to capture the Democratic gubernatorial nomination with 40% of the populace, according to a new poll.

…His nearest primary competitor [is] Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, who had 14 percent of the vote. Following were state Treasurer Rob McCord with 8 percent, former Environmental Protection secretary John Hanger and Auditor General Jack Wagner tied with 7 percent, and Kathleen McGinty, also a former Environmental Protection secretary, with 6 percent…

Why is this very wealthy York County kitchen cabinet magnate leading presumed frontrunners McCord and Schwartz? Because unlike them, he’s begun advertising on TV and has already loaned his campaign $10 million of his own money. Here’s one of those TV ads, which I saw this weekend. Recap: Wolf is surrounded by a bunch of children who somehow look incredibly happy to hear him make very valid points about natural gas extraction fees.

He’s also been backed by State Rep. Dwight Evans, which could be a boon to his campaign in southeastern PA, where some of us occasionally confuse Tom Wolf with another wealthy businessman with political aspirations: Tom Knox.

For what it’s worth, I don’t know how I feel about another Tom becoming governor. That would make three of the last five, going back to Ridge. Not very diverse.

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