Libertarian Candidate Declares for Governor

A pox on both houses!

This just in: Twice-failed libertarian gubernatorial candidate Ken Krawchuk is throwing his hat in the ring once again. For an indication of how the race is going so far, this is what his campaign website looks like right now.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 12.05.41 PM


Lucikly, Newsworks has some more details about him.

Krawchuk, a 60-year-old information technology consultant from the Philadelphia suburb of Abington, advocates separating the roles of society and government. He favors smaller government and lower taxes and opposes laws that criminalize marijuana and outlaw same-sex marriage.

He must garner 16,000 voter signatures by August 1st to get on the ballot. Get that website up and running, Mr. IT consultant!

Also: In less fringey news, former PA auditor Jack Wagner is running too, for the Democratic ticket.