Provocative LGBT Images Up for Grabs in Zoe Strauss Silent Auction

"Women Kissing" is one of the LGBT-centric images available in Zoe Strauss's silent auction for First Person Arts.

“Women Kissing” is one of the LGBT-centric images available in Zoe Strauss’s silent auction for First Person Arts.

Out Philly photographer Zoe Strauss has released a series of images from her 2007 documentary project, “If You Break the Skin, You Must Come In,” to a silent auction benefitting First Person Arts. The project was inspired by a sign she saw off the interstate in southwest Philadelphia advertising an AIDS prevention clinic. The original image, which was included in her 10-year retrospective in 2012 at Philadelphia Museum of Art, is included in the auction.

"Ken and Don Kissing" by Zoe Strauss.

Also included in the art that’s up for grabs are a few provocative images that may be of particular interest to LGBTers: Women Kissing (13″ x 19″) and Ken and Don Kissing (19″ x 13″), both signed inkjet prints. There’s also a 19″-x-13″ photo of a handwritten sign proclaiming that the Bible reads that “women shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment.” Could be a funny gift for a drag queen.

You can check out all the items available for purchase here. So far the two “kissing” images have zero bidders, so your chances of snagging them look rosy.