Franklin Institute to Hold MacGyver Night

Tell your favorite Richard Dean Anderson fan the good news: MacGyver Night is coming to Philadelphia!

What’s better than late 1980s/early 1990s action-adventure TV show MacGyver? What? Stargate SG-1? Hardly. And in a world where you can go to, say, Mad Men quizzo, it’s good to see that a show with equally ridiculous plots can get some love of its own: The Franklin Institute has announced MacGyver Night at the Museum!

Please, watch this full scene if you have the time. It is by far my favorite way MacGyver gets out of a jam. XOXO, Dan.

MacGyver Night at the Museum is on Tuesday, Feb. 11. (Take your Richard Dean Anderson-loving sweetheart as an early Valentine’s Day present!)

Cut the red wire or blue wire? See if your skills match TV’s favorite special agent, Angus MacGyver. Create diversions, defuse the bomb, make a getaway, and enjoy all things that explode during this 1980s flashback. Just make sure you bring your chewing gum and some wire.

Yeah, I dunno what’s going to happen. But who cares! Any chance to honor TV’s MacGyver is an event worth attending. I’m sure chewing gum and wire aren’t really mandatory for admission.

[Franklin Institute]