Eagles Announce Enormous New Video Boards

The Eagles are teaming up with Panasonic for the highest-definition video boards in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles announced today a partnership with Panasonic for enormous, ridiculous new video boards. “Our fans deserve the ultimate experience every time they step foot into Lincoln Financial Field,” Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement, which sounds a lot more realistic after the impressive 2013 season.

The video boards are the highest-definition in the NFL, say the Eagles, with two 10mm pitch screens. The north board will be 27 feet tall by 192 feet wide, while the south video board is 27 feet fall by 160 feet wide.

But wait, there’s more: 11 ribbon boards totalling 2,000 feet, a 335-square-foot video display in Headhouse Plaza, four video boards outside the stadium, two more in the “Eagles Nest” section and 1,300 new TVs around the stadium.

“Panasonic is thrilled and proud to partner with the Philadelphia Eagles to implement their vision with a Panasonic solution that is visually compelling, highly engaging and elevates the total game day experience,” is what we’re supposed to believe Panasonic North America Chairman/CEO Joseph M. Taylor said.

Coupled with the team’s resurgence under Chip Kelly, heading down to the Linc on a Sunday is going to be a lot more enticing next season.

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